Dr. Jur van den Berg

Algorithmic Robotics Lab

Jur van den Berg, Lab director

Welcome to the Algorithmic Robotics Lab in the School of Computing at the University of Utah! The Algorithmic Robotics Lab is part of the large and diverse Robotics Program at the University of Utah.

In the Algorithmic Robotics Lab, we are interested in developing new algorithms with strong theoretical foundations for relevant practical applications in mobile robotics, medical robotics, artificial intelligence, crowd simulation, virtual environments and computer games, autonomous transportation, and personal robotics.

Particular areas of research are motion planning under uncertainty, reciprocal collision avoidance, and information-theoretic decision making for autonomous virtual and real-world agents. The goal throughout these areas is to develop algorithms whose applicability extend beyond perfect virtual environments into the real world where uncertainties and unpredictable circumstances must be accounted for. A long-term objective is to bring together the fields of Motion Planning and Control Theory in a seemless manner, to produce complete solutions that draw and build on strengths in both fields. Research in the Algorithmic Robotics Lab is driven by real-world applications yet founded on strong theoretical footing and mathematical principle, and bridges elegant theory with relevant practice.

The Algorithmic Robotics Lab has an indoor flying area for unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-end motion capture capabilities for tracking. This hardware is used both to demonstrate and evaluate ''theoretical'' algorithms in practice, and to perform applied research on robotic umanned aerial flight and its applications.

More information about Jur van den Berg can be found at Wikipedia and Google Scholar.